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Alan Arnold Guitars

Finely crafted, hand-built Guitars
" From the wood - To the Sound "

I build the very finest quality acoustic guitars (flat-tops, archtops and resonators) plus some 'state-of-the-art' electric guitars.  I also repair, custom​ise and set-up all types of guitars and other fretted string instruments.

My Guitars are handmade from solid tonewoods, carefully selected to make each guitar sound and look stunning.  By using the best quality materials and construction methods, I can build guitars with exceptional clarity of both tone and sound that will enhance anyone's playing as well as being things of beauty to be admired.

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Autumn 2021: Temporarily Closed while moving workshop.

I am moving my workshop. The new one will be where I now live in Carbrooke near Watton. I meant it to be up and running by late September, but is taking much longer than anticipated (don't they always!?).
I am also "officially" retiring, but will still do repairs and setups, etc, for former customers/friends. The occasional new build will be available for sale, but these will be the guitars that I always wanted to make, and never got around too.
So watch this space, and take care everyone.        Alan.

Alan Arnold Guitars, Georges Farm, Bryants Bridge,
Snetterton, Norfolk NR16 2JR

Hand-made Acoustic Guitar Acoustic Guitars
My handmade acoustic guitars range from small bodied 12 fret guitars, through Baritone guitar giants (in size and sound!) to the AB49 acoustic bass guitar, that actually does what it says on the tin!  There are also resonator guitars - with biscuit bridge or spider bridge - ideal for slide and blues.
Whether you play finger-style, flat-pick, or you need a rhythm guitar to accompany your self-penned masterpiece that will one day make your fortune -  there is an Alan Arnold guitar that is the right guitar for you!

Hand-made Archtop Guitar Archtop Guitars
Archtop guitars, for you jazz guitarists, are considered to be the ultimate test of the guitar makers' art.  The fine tuning of the top and back plates, is the key to the tone and timbre of these remarkable handmade guitars, where the delivery of the note needs to be clear and distinct, as an individual instrument, and to 'cut through' when being played in a group setting.
I love building these guitars, using hand and eye to give the carved top and back of an archtop guitar its gently flowing curves is one of my top satisfactions.

Hand-made Custom Electric guitars Electric Guitars
These are guitars fit for session guitarists.  When Big Jim Sullivan commissioned me to build a 2nd very special electric guitar for him, it was just impossible to say no!  So after long design consultation, the BJS  Legend EMA Guitar was born (EMA = Electric; Midi; Acoustic).
There's a description of this guitar on a separate page, about Jim and his Legend guitars, so I won’t give tech details here. However, I will say here, what a great honour and pleasure it was to build it  for the “Session Legend” himself !

Custom built Guitars Custom Built Guitars
Custom​ising the build of your new guitar is something that can take many forms. Whether its choosing exotic ornate woods for your guitar, or having that inlay design you’ve always wanted on your guitar,  I’m ready to guide you through  the process of having a guitar custom made for you. You might have an idea for a different type of guitar or part of the construction of a guitar that you would like to discuss. Whatever your needs or requirements, I am happy to talk to you about what would be best for you AND your guitar!

Guitar Repair/Restoration Repair / Restoration
Alan Arnold Guitars offers a full repairs service.  Whether you need a refret to your beloved guitar of old; the saving of a snapped headstock to your Mandolin; or maybe your guitar has suffered from  the infamous baggage handler syndrome. Yikes!! 
It may of course just be an annoying switch noise on your Strat that needs sorting  - no job is too small and I’m always interested in both you and your guitars.  Note - I do repairs to nearly all fretted string instruments.

Guitar Setup/Service Set-up / Servicing
Whether it’s a set up on a new guitar that’s “straight out of the box”, or a guitar you’ve been using for years, it’s always good when it’s playing the way it really should, and the way that you want it to!
I’m always taken by surprise at the way some players put up with bad playing actions, sharp fret ends, poorly fitting nuts ( ouch!), gunged up fretboards, buzzes, rattles and hums!  Things that can easily be  fixed and make the guitar a joy, instead of hard work.

Feel free to contact me - I am always happy to talk about guitars.
And I take this opportunity to thank all the people, both guitar makers and players, who gave me their help along the way.
In return, I promise to give my help, where I am able, to help others along that same way!