Guitar Repair, Setup, Servicing & Restoration

All the tools ready for a re-fret on a Strat. Alan Arnold Guitars offers a full guitar set-up and repair service on all makes of Guitars and other stringed instruments.

I am happy to do these smaller repair jobs, as they fit in well with my main work as a guitar maker - which often has stages while I am waiting for glue to dry, wood to age ;-)  etc.


Prices will vary from job to job, and from instrument to instrument.

A best estimate will be given, but not until the instrument has been seen.

Should the need for extra work become apparent during the job in hand, that work will not be carried out without your approval, both for the work and the estimated cost.  Should less work be required - the estimate will be reduced

Guitar Repair, Servicing & Set-up etc.

Guitar set-up FROM  £50  INC STRINGS  * see below
Fret Dress FROM  £60  INC STRINGS  * see below
Re-fret - unbound board FROM £160
Re-fret - Bound Board FROM £180
Neck Straightening & re-fret FROM £190   ** see note below
Nut Replacement FROM £25
Saddle replacement (acoustic) FROM £25
Saddle Intonation (acoustic) FROM £25
Rewiring / Custom Electrics £35 per hour + parts

*  - Strings supplied are D’Addario 80/20 bronze on acoustics and D’ Addario XL 9’s or 10’s on electrics.  Other makes/gauges to order only.  Bass strings are supplied to customers spec only .

**  - ‘Neck straightening’ refret : - This is a technique for straightening necks with no truss rods  (e.g. classical and some steel strings) which uses oversize tangs on the frets to ‘wedge’ the neck straight. It is very time consuming; which is reflected in the price, but it DOES work   -  and that’s a good thing.   Right ?

Guitar Restoration

Over the years, I've gained restoration experience on all the well know makes of Guitars,  including: Martin, Taylor, National, Gretsch, Gibson, Epiphone, Ovation,  Weissenborn, Yamaha ...
Fender: Stratocasters, Tele-casters,  Rickenbacker, ...
... and other instruments, including: Mandolins, Bazoukis, Banjo, Cello, and even double Bass!...