Example of Rezolution BB guitar (biscuit bridge resonator)
Rezolution BB Guitar

The BB  resonator guitar is based upon the 1930’s National El Trovador (which was actually built by Kay).  They are fitted with National™ cones to give that true bottleneck sound, with all the volume and punch that you could possibly want, but with the warmth that a wood body adds to the resonator guitar sound.

The Rezolution resonator guitars have laminated tops and backs of aircraft grade Birch ply, topped with an overlay of the finish wood ( Std = Spruce top with Mahogany back).

The key to good resonator guitars is to hold the resonator cone as steady as possible, with a stiff guitar body. The sound will be dissipated and weak if the body is flimsy.  In fact they have more in common with a speaker cabinet, in that respect! 

The BB ( biscuit bridge ) and the SB (spider bridge) have fantastic “cone tone” and they are both LOUD!  They are also great plugged in when fitted with the Headway pick up, mounted either routed into the underside of the biscuit on the BB or mounted into a biscuit and trapped against the under side of the spider on the SB.

Specification - Dimensions ( mm / ~inch )
  Phaedra Pegasus Phoenix Mercury Beltane  AB49  Rezolution BB Rezolution SB
Body length 500 500 495 506 506 500 500 / 19 11/16 500
Width 370 390 395 400 400 390 390 / 15 13/32 370
Depth 110 120 125 120 125 120 115 / 4 7/8 100
Scale length 630 630 650 650 736 860 647 / 25 1/2 647
Nut width 46.5 45.5 46 46 46.5 45.5 46-47 / 1 13/16-27/32 46-47

Specification - Standard Materials & Options

Top European Spruce  or  Sitka Spruce
Back & Sides Mahogany
Neck Quarter sawn Mahogany with twin Carbon fibre inserts and two way truss rod
Fingerboard Ebony bound with Ebony, so no fret ends showing !
Head veneer Ebony
Position/side Dots Mother of Pearl (MOP)  or  Abalone
Bindings Flamed Maple 
Purflings bwbwb to front :  bwbw to back
Finish Nitro Cellulose
Frets Dutch – Medium
Cone National™
Cover plate Chrome
Tuners Gotoh butterbean slot-head; nickel or chrome as available.
Case Hiscox Liteflite case add'n to standard price
Pick ups (optional extra) Headway         (see Headway pickups on the Custom Guitar page )


  • Each guitar is individually handmade using the very highest quality materials and construction techniques.
  • In addition to the above, this guitar can be custom built to your specification - please see the Custom Guitars page.
  • Quarterman cones are becoming harder to get and once I have used up my current stock of them, I will be switching to cones produced by the excellent Paul Beard at Resophonic Outfitters.
  • Model shown in the photo is a Custom Flamed Maple model.
  • Footnote: – Resonator guitars should, more properly, be called Ampliphonic guitars, as termed by the Dopyera's, but 'Resonator' is now the generic term that has become commonly used.