Electric Guitars

Custom Electric Guitar by Alan Arnold GuitarsOver the years I've built a number of electric guitars for individual customers (some very well known) because they knew the quality of my work.

Solid Body AGE Range

As a demonstrator for new customers I now have a prototype of a new (AGE) range.

Seymour Duncan JB at bridge & 59 classic at neck. 5 way superswitch gives singles from each pickup in series, and in parallel at number 2 & 4 respectively. Tele style bridge plate, for that 'mounted in metal' sound   Fantastic sound; sustain; playability.

The prototype (see pic.) has Solid Maple body with Mahogany centre splice, underneath a Flamed Eucalyptus drop top.

Other gear and woods can of course be chosen.

COME AND TRY !!    (I appreciate 'feedback'   You don't, but I do.  ha! ha! )




Custom Electric Guitar by Alan ArnoldEMA ELECTRIC 

What can one say .... this does everything

The EMA (Electric;Midi; Acoustic) is designed to work as an Electric Guitar, a MIDI guitar, and even an Acoustic Guitar (because it has resonant chambers on either side of a central solid spine).

It is therefore ideal for performance or session work, as it can be switched immediately to fulfill different roles .

You can read more about the spec. on the Custom Guitar page.